Farewell My Concu…Passat

I finally did it. I sold my car. It’s been a long time coming… ever since I landed on this little island called Manhattan I’ve toyed with the idea of parting with my beloved Passat. We’ve had some great moments together, I can’t deny it. Even though we had a rocky start, back when I was horrified to learn that my parents had bought a stick shift instead of an automatic and I would lurch forward at 10 mph with my friends snickering in the passenger seat, all while trying to keep a dignified look on my face, I eventually fell in love with the power, the low purr of the engine as I shifted it from 1st to 2nd gear, and the outer-space neon dashboard that glowed like radioactive awesomeness in the night.

There was my first long-distance drive ever the summer of my freshman year to visit BCG in DC… of which I remember mostly just the drive there and the drive back. There was the senior year trip to Montréal when we rocked the Pretty Flycar to Kylie Minogue while SJ’s car behind us could only seethe with jealousy as they wished they were the Vengabus. There was the road trip TNS and I took to Niagara where we made the dog in the Haunted House whimper in fear and took a 2 hour detour to Ithaca, which really is gorges.

Not to mention all the chicks it landed me. Right.

But all the insurance and maintenance and parking and gas and tolls caught up to me, and it no longer made sense to keep it around. We all have to learn to part with the things we love I guess, and today I parted with my shiny green companion. I hope your next owner treats you well.

My Passat

~ by therandomoracle on March 26, 2008.

One Response to “Farewell My Concu…Passat”

  1. Oh NO! The end of an era!

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