Oh Yelle!

In the last year or so my Francophilia has taken shape as a love of French music. No I don’t mean Debussy and Ravel, but the latest wave of French house and electro-pop that was spearheaded by groups like Daft Punk and DJs like David Guetta, and has more recently seen acts like Justice and Yelle. There are also a whole bunch of DJ’s who broadcast their weekly sessions via podcasts and it’s a really convenient (and free!) way to check out new music. Some acts I recommend checking out include David Vendetta, Greg Di Mano, Bastien Sera, and David Guetta.

I found out about Yelle after hearing about the Tecktonik dance style in Têtu and checking out the videos online of Tecktonik dancers. The Tepr remix of “A Cause des Garçons” is pretty awesome and shows Tecktonik at it’s most fun, and after previewing some of Yelle’s other tracks on her debut album “Pop Up” I decided to buy the entire thing. Her songs are pretty hilarious, from “Tu es beau” which is about how a boy tries so hard to please her but can’t quite manage to close the deal, or “Mon meilleur ami” about her vibrator, or “Je veux te voir” which (according to Wikipedia) is dissing some French rappers for being misogynistic.

Shortly thereafter I found out that she was touring the USA and performing at the Highline Ballroom in NY so of course I had to check it out. I went along with CEO and GBB, and we had a smashing time. The doors opened a little late so we stood outside in the surprisingly cold May night chugging Amstel Lights. We were pretty buzzed by the time we finally got in and ready to dance! YelleThe opening act was Heartsrevolution and the singer came out holding something pink in a martini glass and clearly trashed. The singer, or rather screamer, was so loud that I ended up holding my ears through their entire act and I was cringing inside as to whether I’d come to the wrong show.

But when Yelle finally took the stage the vibe changed completely. She came out sporting her gold coat and her sexy swagger and instantly got the crowd dancing. She was backed up by Tepr on the turntable and GrandMarnier on the drums (so hot!) and they delivered an awesome set, which went through basically the entire Pop Up album, and she nailed every single song. I can’t wait for the next time they swing by the states!


~ by therandomoracle on May 5, 2008.

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