Reunions Mania

The last two weeks it feels like I’ve been going to reunions non-stop, and I think my liver is gonna go on strike if I keep it up. First there was Princeton reunions, which is an annual extravaganza of booze, bright orange jackets, and some of the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen staged. I worked the LGBT party at Princeton reunions for the last couple of years and this was the first year where I could actually enjoy the festivities rather than bartending.

The day starts with the P-rade, which winds through campus down Elm Drive. Apparently it used to be held on Nassau St, but the party got so rowdy that the town forced the university to move it inside the campus gates. The parade starts with the 25th year class, then goes chronologically through all the classes starting with the oldest returning alumni, which this year I think was a guy from the class of 1924, making him 104!

The party then goes to the tents set up throughout all the courtyards. The younger alumni mill around the 5th and 10th year reunions, occasionally sneaking into the older ones to get some of the good booze. After a few hours of the tents, with a pit stop at the stadium to check out the fireworks, I hopped over to the LGBT party in Whig. It was less crowded this year than when I bartended before, though towards the end it filled up a bit more. The last stop of the night was Terrace, which I am definitely way too old for, but since it’s just once a year I made an exception. All in all a good time was had by everyone, and I went back to NY the next day exhausted but happy.

Princeton’s score: 9 out of 10.

The following week was my own 5th year reunion at Harvard, which I’d been looking forward to for a long time. Even though I still see most of my best college friends in New York all the time, there were a couple that I haven’t seen since graduation. Events kicked off on Friday night with a cocktail & dinner in Dunster courtyard. As usual, it took our posse to get the dance party started, but that is a burden I’m always willing to bear. We hit up the Kong for old time’s sake afterwards, and I had my first scorpion bowl in yeeeeears.

Saturday was ridiculously hot, and we had a crappy BBQ in the yard where everyone was trying not to drip all over their food. The food sucked, which was a recurring theme throughout the entire weekend. They didn’t even have ketchup at the BBQ! Very disappointing considering I paid $210 for four meals… and I know that a lot of people just snuck in (DZ I’m looking at you!) and that there was an open bar with decent liquor and beer, but still you can bring some ketchup to the damn BBQ!

Saturday afternoon was the BGLT thing, which was ok but a little disappointing compared to Princeton’s. It’s in the afternoon, which is stupid and made it feel more like a networking thing than a party thing, and second, well, I hate to admit it but Princeton boys are cuter.

Roxy logoSaturday night was the “Gala Dinner” in Eliot Courtyard. It cooled down just enough for people to put on their blazers and dresses, but still way too sticky to be comfortable. After paying our dues and making our appearance, DZ and I made our way for the door and went with some of his HBS friends to the Roxy in Boston, which was an awesome time. I even ran into some of BA’s friends from his old Boston days! Of course it didn’t quite live up to my fondest memory of the Roxy, which was freshman year when JY cried us into the club, but it was still fabulous. NY definitely does not hold a monopoly on cute boys.

Sunday was the last day and things ended with an elegant brunch in good ol’ Currier house. Crappy food aside (can you tell I was a little disappointed with the food? are you sure?) it was a classy affair and a good chance to relive Sunday brunch memories from college.

Harvard’s score: 6 out of 10. Minuses for the bad food and the bad scheduling. Also Princeton has the right idea with allowing everyone to mix and mingle between the classes rather than keeping each class locked up in its own event.


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  1. Cried! GAH! That’s a memoire tres embarrassante!!

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