Scaling the Great Firewall

Great Firewall of ChinaI’d heard about the Great Firewall of China, i.e. how the Chinese government blocks access to a lot of foreign websites, but this visit is the first time that it’s directly affected, and more specifically affected my blog., where this blog is hosted, is blocked by the Great Firewall. Now this doesn’t make much sense to me; I know that there might be critical blogs on WordPress, but the vast majority of blogs have nothing to do with China and it seems like they should be able to just filter out the ones that they don’t like.

Anyway I’m unable to access my blog from my office because of this connerie because in order to access foreign sites at the office we have to go through a proxy. I can access the blog at the hotel by tunneling through Princeton’s servers, but since I have to pay for Internet here I’m probably only going to update the blog on the weekends. Sadness 😦


~ by therandomoracle on June 14, 2008.

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