The Epic Journey from West to East

So one of the convenient things about Beijing is that I’m actually sort of able to afford cab rides here. The going rate is 11元 for the first 3km, and then about 2元 for each successive km, and with the exchange rate at about 6.9元 per $1 it turns out to be somewhat reasonable. But deep down my commie heart would still prefer to take the subway, so I try to avoid cabs when I can.

Since I actually live within biking distance of the office now (instead of a 2 hour train ride, god how did I manage that?!) the only reason I need a cab or subway now is to get my eat on and my drink on. This usually means going to Chaoyang (朝阳) all the way on the East side of town, because the main bar areas are all clustered around Sanlitun (三里屯) and Gongtixilu (工体西路). Since where I live (Wudaokou, 五道口) is all the way on the Northwest corner of the city, the cab ride is still pretty expensive (around 50-60元) so I try to take it only on the way back since the subway shuts down around 11PM.

The subway is pretty modern, Line 13 opened just a few years ago and even Line 2 which is much older has been renovated with new train cars. Unfortunately that’s about the only good thing I can say about it; it’s crowded, slow, and the transfer between the 13 and 2 is a good 15 minute walk. Seriously, if you think the transfer from ACE to the 123 in Times Square is bad, you ain’t seen nothing. To get from the 13 to the 2 here you probably travel a good 2 km horizontally and a good 500m vertically, going up and down stairs. Whoever designed it must have decided that Beijingers didn’t get enough exercise and so this transfer should make up for it…

Anyway, here’s a diagram of my weekend going out trek:


~ by therandomoracle on June 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Epic Journey from West to East”

  1. Dear god that’s a lot of effort for booze, though probably worth it

  2. If I were you, I would give up drinking until I came back… That is quite a trek.

  3. Tacara, you and I clearly have different priorities 🙂

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